Michigan Lottery Winner Claims $1 million Prize Playing Cashword

20X Cashword Michigan Lottery Instant Win Game

Cashword has changed the life of a woman in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (UP).  She bought a $20 instant win Michigan Lottery scratch ticket called 20X Cashword and won $1 million.   The instant win ticket was purchased at a Holiday Station Store located on Greenland Road in Ontonagon, Michigan.  The instant game called Cashword can be purchased at Lottery retail sites across the state.  

The woman who asked to remain anonymous said “I knew I had several words and I thought the ticket was worth $5,000,” said the player. “Just to be sure, I scanned the ticket with the Lottery app and that’s when the shock hit me.

Can winners stay anonymous if they win a big prize in the Michigan Lottery?  Yes, it is your choice, to either remain anonymous or let the world know you won big.

When you win a large prize in the Michigan Lottery you can either receive a one time lump sum payment, or choose to receive 30 annual annuity payments.  The woman decided to take the one time cash payment totaling $634,000 for her Cashword instant win.  Imagine what you could do with that money!  She plans on buying a few toys, paying bills and investing the rest of the money.

The 20X Cashword game started earlier this month.  Each ticket costs $20. Since the games launch the Lottery has paid out over $5 million.  The game still has over $90 million left on instant tickets that have not been purchased.  The woman from Ontonagon was lucky enough to claim 1 of the top 3 prizes of $1 million.