Millionaire Maker II Instant Game Pays Macomb County Woman $1 Million

Millionaire Maker II Instant Game Michigan Lottery

Michigan Woman Brought to Tears After Realizing Big Win

Imagine buying a $20 Millionaire Maker II instant game ticket from the Michigan Lottery for $20 and hitting the jackpot. This is exactly what a 61-year-old Macomb County, Michigan woman did. She said she likes to play the $20 games and scratches the ticket over her lunch break. Once she scratched the ticket she noticed she won $1 million. At first, she did not think it was true. She said she thought, “This can’t be, there’s no way!” Then, she checked the ticket at the service desk. She was told to visit Lottery headquarters in Lansing, Michigan to claim her prize. She told the Lottery officials she could not help but cry after receiving the news. Instead of receiving the prize in annuity payments, she chose a lump sum payment of $634,000. With this money, she will save some and also do home remodeling.

She bought the Millionaire Maker II instant game ticket from the Meijer store, in Lenox, Michigan. It is located about 40 miles from Detroit, Michigan.

Millionaire Maker II Instant Game from the Michigan Lottery

So far, Michigan Lottery players have won over $11 million from Millionaire Maker II. The game began in September 2021. The instant game ticket costs $20 to play and prizes range from $40 through $1 million. The Millionaire Maker games still have plenty of winning tickets left unsold. There are over $89 million in prizes still remaining. This includes nine top prizes of $1 million top prizes, 26 prizes of $5,000, and 1,613 prizes of $500. The Michigan Lottery instant games are available for purchase from 10,500 retailers located throughout Michigan.

How to Play the Millionaire Maker II Game?

First, you must buy a ticket for $20. Then, you scratch your numbers and the winning numbers and compare them. If your numbers match the winning numbers you win the prize shown. If you are lucky enough to get a $$ (double dollar symbol) you win double the prize shown. Also, if you reveal the stack of cash symbols you win $100. There is also a cash bonus section. If you get a dollar amount in this section you win the prize shown instantly. These prizes range from $40 to $500.

How to Claim 20 FREE Instant Win Game Tickets if you are a Michigan Resident?

Every resident of Michigan over 18 years of age is eligible to receive 20 FREE online instant win tickets from the Michigan Lottery. All you need to do is visit the Michigan Lottery website, sign up, and enter promotion coupon code MICHIGAN20 during registration. There is no deposit required, all you need to do is sign-up.