Michigan Charitable Gaming Association Gets Boost from MGCB

Michigan Charitable Gaming

Michigan Charitable Gaming Faces Difficult Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for Michigan charitable gaming to host effective fundraising promotions in 2020 and 2021. Because of this, the Michigan Gaming Control Board has come forward to assist the Michigan Charitable Gaming Association (MiCGA). During the pandemic, so many fundraising events were unable to be held or were poorly received. The MGCB and its director, Henry Williams along with Deputy Director Steinkamp want to help the fundraising efforts for Millionaire Party to ensure its continued success. This new announcement and initiative were recently discussed during November 10, 2021, Annual Meeting and Legislative Day for the MiCGA held in Lansing, Michigan.

“We want to partner with charities to ensure they are successful in raising funds so they can continue to support many positive efforts in their communities. ”

Henry Williams, Executive Director of the MGCB

The Director indicated that he and his agency wanted to understand and listen to the concerns of the charities. At the same time, being sure to keep up with the important conversations that are required so the charities in Michigan can be successful.

MGCB Changes Requirements to Help Michigan Charitable Gambling

During the annual meeting, Kurt Steinkamp talked about how the MGCB had changed its requirements for the Millionaire Party. He explained that charities now have an increased allowable cap on expenses that are supplier-related. The goal of this change is to get more suppliers involved and to join in on the Millionaire Party offerings. This move should help the charities with increased fundraising.

In addition, Steinkamp discussed the Michigan Gaming Control Boards shift to offer more assistance. These changes would include working on an online license application and additional opportunities for training. The MGCB intends to make these changes in the new year for charities.

Finally, during the MiCGA Legislative Day and Annual Meeting sharing by the charities took place. They shared details about the many causes that the charities are involved with. This information was heard and passed on to the leadership within the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

“Many charities praised MGCB staff for their customer service, which includes an open-door policy and willingness to walk new applicants through the qualification and application process.”

Henry Williams, Executive Director of the MGCB

Authors Note: It is possible that the availability of online gambling and sports betting might also be to blame for reduced charitable gambling.