A Lansing School District Teacher Receives an Education Award

A Lansing School District Teacher Receives an Education Award

The weekly Excellence in Education award from the Michigan Lottery goes to Jeffery Boyner from the Lansing School District.

Forest View Elementary / Lansing School District

Boyer is the most recent recipient of the Excellence in Education Award. This award is to showcase outstanding public educators throughout the state. Boyer is a 3rd-grade teacher from Forest View Elementary in the Lansing School District and has been an educator for over 30 years. His award will provide him with a $1500 cash prize along with a $500 grant. His name is also put in a hat to possibly be selected as Educator of the Year. This year-end recipient will $10,000 in cash.

The Michigan Lottery provides the Excellence in Education award weekly. It is to seek out public educators that go above and beyond the call of duty. Boyer did just that. A student’s grandmother nominated Boyner. She stated that she nominated Jeffrey because he went above and beyond especially during the pandemic.

Jeffery Boyner Goes Above and Beyond for Students

Boyer took the effort to create new activities for his students while they were learning remotely. He even used his own money to put special bags together to deliver to his students. These gift bags included pencils, crayons, toys, and other fun activities. The gift bags were all designed to keep his 3rd graders excited about learning. In addition, Boyer created a YouTube channel called, “Boyer the Teacher Guy”. Since he had to teach remotely during the pandemic, he used YouTube as his teaching platform. Jeffrey also uses magic tricks in his teaching to get kids excited and motivated to learn.

When interviewed Boyer stated,

“I found ways to keep my third graders active during remote learning. When reading a story about farm life, students stood up in their homes and pretended to do farm chores like pumping water from a well, feeding chickens, and gathering eggs. To start class, I took my laptop outside to my flag pole so we could say the pledge of allegiance. I also drove to my students’ homes once a month to give them prizes for doing well and to give them more school supplies. I did whatever it took to help my students be successful during remote learning.”

Jeffrey Boyer has received his Undergraduate and Master’s Degree from Eastern Michigan University. A weekly news segment interviews all of the award winners on the Michigan Lottery’s partner TV Stations. For Boyers story and all the weekly educator winners, listeners can tune in to these stations:

  • WXYZ-TV Detroit
  • FOX 17 Grand Rapids
  • FOX 47 Lansing
  • WNEM-TV Sagina
How to Nominate a Teacher for the Excellence in Education Award?

The Michigan Lottery started honoring public educators in 2014 with the Excellence in Education award. It was created to honor and take notice of all of the amazing educators in the state. Educators do so much to help a child grow, learn, and also make an impact in their young lives. If you know an educator that is deserving of this award, please go to the excellence in education form to nominate your favorite teacher.

Nominee selections are based on the following key values and criteria:

  • Excellence
  • Dedication
  • Inspiration
  • Leadership
  • Effectiveness