Fantasy 5 Michigan Lottery Player from Ingham County Wins $430,194

Fantasy 5 Michigan Lottery Player from Ingham County Wins $430,194

A lucky player wins $430,194 playing the Fantasy 5 Michigan Lottery game. The 57-year-old man from Ingham County, Michigan chose to remain anonymous. His week began by reading an email from the Michigan Lottery informing him of his Fantasy 5 jackpot win. This has to be the best way to start the week! He bought the winning ticket online at Did you know you can buy lottery tickets online in Michigan? His lucky numbers drawn on January 23rd are 05-10-18-20-23.

“I usually buy a few Fantasy 5 tickets at the store and a few online,” said the player. “I was scrolling through my emails Monday morning while I was eating breakfast and saw a prize notification email from the Michigan Lottery. “

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After verifying he won he woke up his wife and told her the good news.

Player Visits Lottery Headquarters to Claim Fantasy 5 Michigan Lottery Win

In order to claim large prizes, players must visit Michigan Lottery headquarters in Lansing, Michigan. He recently visited Lottery headquarters to receive the big payout. Lansing is mostly located in Ingham County. The money will help him complete home renovations, share some with family and donate to charity.

“Winning is such a blessing! Whenever I log in to my account and see the amount pending, it doesn’t seem real. I don’t think it will hit me until I see the money in my bank account,” the player said.

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How do I play Fantasy 5 from the Michigan Lottery online?

First, visit and sign-up. You must be a Michigan resident at least 18 years old. However, do not forget to use promotion code MICHIGAN20 when signing up. This will give you 20 FREE instant win online games. Also, the Michigan Lottery will match your first deposit up to $150.

Second, buy a Fantasy 5 ticket for $1. Additionally, you can add another $1 to the game to add EZmatch to your ticket. This allows you another chance to win $500 instantly. The fun does not stop here! You can also pay one more dollar to participate in the Double Play drawing. If you choose this option you select five numbers between one and 39. If all of your numbers match the drawing you win a minimum of $100,000.

Finally, you can watch the Fantasy 5 drawing which is held every day at 7:29 p.m.

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