Tournament Bracket Sheets Free – Fillable & Editable Single Elimination

Tournament Bracket Sheets Free Fillable


Tournament bracket sheets allow you to track sporting events or poker tournaments.  Maybe for the past 2 or 3 seasons, your predictions on Michigan’s Wolverines march-madness tournament run have been 95% accurate. Now, with the ability to legally bet on sports in Michigan, you believe it’s time to go all-in, predicting wild first rounds, and deep Cinderella runs. This article covers all you need to know about tournament sports brackets; where to get them, and how to use them.

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What Are Tournament Bracket Sheets?

A tournament is a series of contests between multiple competitors. The last person or team standing takes home the grand prize. For every sports tournament – formal or informal – sports lovers are allowed to test their prediction skills, either on the outcome of a single match or on a series of games.

Brackets are multiple square-shaped boxes used to arrange or analyze a series of games played during a competition. These boxes are usually placed in a tree-shaped diagram. Brackets give gamblers a birds eye view of the teams competing so they can make well-informed  predictions.

A working tournament bracket sheet revolves around the power of 2.  Meaning, for any bracket sheet to work, it must follow a 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, or 128 numbering sequence, depending on the number of teams participating. This numbering sequence is important for tournament bracket sheets. It guarantees that exactly half of the contestants are eliminated at each round of the competition. 

Filling bracket sheets is still a subtle art that requires a basic understanding of multiple terminologies. Below are brief descriptions of essential sports bracket concepts. 

Essential Tournament Bracket Sheet Concepts:


How does Seeding in a Match/Game work?  

Tournaments are entertaining. We get to cheer with vigor, endless passion, and untamed excitement as we watch our favorite teams pave their way to victory by conquering tough opponents.  In every tournament, there are favorites as well as underdogs. Since the odds are in favor of the best teams, it wouldn’t be any fun if all the favorites knocked themselves out in the first round of the game. 

Seeding (match-making) helps you match up the best competitors fairly. The seeding process involves placing the players/teams into the brackets in a manner – based on the regular-season record. This keeps the best team from meeting early in the competition.

We have downloadable tournament bracket sheets you can use. You can use them for intuitive predictions or history at any stage of the game—final four, elite eight, sweet sixteen, the round of 32, etc.


How does a Bye work in a Tournament?

A bye is a non-match; it’s the same as a win and an automatic advancement into the next round.  Byes are essential. There is no guarantee that the participating teams in a tournament will always be divisible by two.

For example, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) draws a 16 or 32 team bracket sheet for an National Invitation Tournament (NIT)  which is the postseason tournament to the NCAA competition. – If for example,  Michigan or Ohio rejects the bid and withdraws from the tournament then the bracket sheet becomes indivisible by two. In this scenario it allows the NCAA to either grant a first-round bye (automatic qualification) to the highest-ranked participant or assign it randomly – to make a working bracket.

This allows you to make a tournament bracket sheet workable if the number of participants is not a power of two {e.g., 16 or 32}. Either by introducing byes to a bracket with a higher numbering sequence; or for informal events, using single-out brackets. 


How Does a Bracket Sheet Work?

Bracket sheets award you points for making correct picks. For example, you pick Michigan’s Wolverine and Spartans to advance to the next phase of a knockout tournament, and either Wolverine or Spartans lose, you lose points. If both teams lose, you are out, while if both teams win, your point multiplies. The good thing about brackets is that it allows you to compete with other players instead of the house. These sheets are commonly used by friends & families, big pools, sports betting, or internet gaming sites. 

Single and Double Elimination Tournament Bracket Sheets 

Not all bracket sheets are created equal; some are bigger than others. The single-elimination bracket sheets cater to tournaments where the loser of a match-up is eliminated immediately after the match ends. For double elimination brackets, participants need to lose at least two games to be eliminated. In comparison, the number of playable games for single and double elimination brackets is quite different. Nonetheless, they both rely on a numbering sequence divisible by two and follow the same gaming methodologies.

Six Types of Single Elimination Tournament Bracket Sheets

Let’s look at the types of free editable & fillable single elimination bracket sheets available at iBETMichigan and how you can use them.

4 Person Single Elimination Tournament Bracket Sheets

Our 4 person single-elimination tournament bracket sheet offer round A and round B semi-final match meet-ups and then a final match. There is also an optional third-match spot available. For example, the Flint City Bucks emerge as a conference champion and advance to the national semi-finals of the USL League Two playoffs. On this occasion, you can use our 4 person single-elimination bracket sheets to stay on top of the series of matches that make up the sporting activity.

Our 4-team fillable and editable bracket sheets help you keep track of when and where each match of a semi-final game will occur and evaluate your predictive skills, not just in the USL but also in all sporting activities and outside Michigan. 

8 Person Single Elimination Bracket 

Our 8-person single-elimination tournament bracket sheet features 8-teams advancing through a wild quarter-final stage, round A and round B semi-final stages, and then a final match between winners of both rounds. For example, if you think the Detroit Lions are going to advance to the next stage of the NFL conference championship then you can download our 8-teams fillable & editable single elimination bracket sheets.  After its download, fill out the names of the teams you believe would proceed to the wild quarter-final stage. Seed the Detroit Lions in the round A or round B section and the finals with an assumed favorite. You can then cheer the Lions with the hope they advance to the final stages.  

Our 8-team single elimination bracket can help you map out the gaming schedules. In addition, it will bring fairness and transparency to the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final stages of any sporting or gambling activity. Even if the Detroit Lions are not the favorite to win the NFL conference championship, you can make a little profit or cheer them through with your predictive skills.

16 Person Single Elimination Bracket 

A sixteen-round elimination is the wildest and most unpredictable stage of most sporting tournaments. It usually involves four rounds of games leading up to the ultimate coronation of the tournament champion. Our 16 person single-elimination tournament bracket sheet offers a group A , group B, and a final section. The group A and group B sections consist of eight teams each. Each team advances through multiple knockout stages. The final section leaves room for the winner of both stages to meet. In addition, it provides space for an optional third meet-up.

For example, if you are cheering for Michigan’s Wolverine men’s ice hockey team to advance past the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA Division I Ice Hockey Tournament. Then, you can download our 16 person fillable and editable brackets. Secondly, fill in your predictions from the round of 16 up until the finals, and await match day. 

Our 16 players single elimination brackets can help you make decisive predictions. In addition, it will bring orderliness to the chaotic yet, highly entertaining rounds of sixteen, quarter-finals, frozen four, and finals.

16 Person Butterfly Fillable & Editable Single Elimination Bracket

Our 16 person butterfly single-elimination tournament bracket sheets provide similar options as the 16 person fillable and editable sheets, but in a different format. The 16 person butterfly bracket offer two sections. The S1 section (Q1 & Q2) and the S2 section (Q3 & Q4) features eight players each.  The winners of Q1 and Q2 brackets advance to play a quarter-final and then semi-finals. This is the same for those of the Q3 and Q4 brackets. This leads to a final meet-up between the winners of the S1 and S2 sections. An optional third place sheet is also available for semi-final losers. For example, you are a golf lover; our 16 person butterfly bracket can help you cheer on your favorite player with your prognostication skills – from the round of 16 to the finals. 

You can use our 16 person butterfly bracket sheet when hosting friendly single-elimination tennis, football, basketball, baseball, or golf contests. This sheet allows you to keep track of the number of participants, player/team rankings, gaming schedules, or predictions. 

32 Person Single Elimination Bracket

Our 32 person single-elimination tournament bracket sheets consist of 5 different sections. Four of these sections are made up of the 8-teams. The sheet has a numbering sequence of 1 to 32. The fifth section follows the 4-team elimination bracket sheet format. Therefore, it leaves room for the four winners of the 8-teams brackets to a contest in a quarter-final; semi-finals, and finals. An optional third place sheet is also available. For example, if you believe the Michigan Wolverines men’s basketball will win their third National invitation tournament trophy then you use this form to create a detailed roadmap of their journey through the playoffs. Our 32 players single elimination bracket allows you to easily seed competitors from the best to the lowest or vice-versa.

64 Person Single Elimination Bracket 

Our 64 person single-elimination tournament bracket sheets consist of 9 sections. Eight of these sections contain 8-teams titled A-H, respectively. The final section also includes an 8-team bracket sheet. This sheet helps the winners of each group (A-H) in the first-round knockout stage to compete following the quarter-final, semi-final, and final gaming sequence until a champion emerges.

The NCAA college basketball tournaments are typical examples of a 64-team single-elimination tournament. Our bracket sheets allow you to seed players into nine brackets of 8-teams, guaranteeing a simple re-seeding process and a superior betting experience.  Whether you are betting with family and friends or cheering Michigan or another team during the NCAA college basketball tournament, don’t hesitate to download our 64 team single-elimination brackets. 

Elimination Brackets for Gambling Related Contests

Casino gaming (on and offline) is legal in Michigan. You are now familiar with the types of tournament bracket sheets, the basic terminologies, and where to get free downloadable brackets. Now, you might be asking yourself if you can use these single elimination bracket sheets for casino-related contests.

Yes, you can. Tournament bracket sheets are not limited to sporting activities. You can use bracket sheets in poker tournaments. 

In poker tournaments, participants compete to win a portion of the prize pool. To track the players you can either use an 8, 16, or 32 single-elimination bracket sheet. It does depend on the number of participants. The tournament bracket sheets allow you to predict the winners of the initial rounds as well as consequent later match-ups. Multiple Michigan casinos allow in-house and online bracket sheets during poker tournaments. 


Customizable tournament bracket sheets are essential for sporting events, sports bettors, poker lovers, or gambling enthusiasts. Especially, if you like the thrill of tournament gaming.  These bracket sheets provide fun betting options that help gamers stay on top of long-awaited tournaments. It allows you to test your prediction skills with friends & families.

At iBETMichigan, we offer highly detailed and well-designed brackets you can customize to suit your gambling needs. So, what are you waiting for? Pick a preferred bracket sheet today and join the action — it’s free.